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LDS Author Candace Salima is currently teaching two online classes,
"Getting that Book out of your Head and onto Paper"
and "How to
Market your Work and Increase Sales."

Please see the details for each class listed below.
Getting that Book out of your Head and onto Paper!
Write that book!

Lesson 1: Idea, Outline and Research
Lesson 2: Refining Outline and Creating a Story Treatment
Lesson 3: Story Flow and Structure
Lesson 4: Character Development
Lesson 5: Dialogue vs. Exposition/Narrative
Lesson 6: Readers, Critique Groups and Editing

This writing class will be taught every Monday, via Talk Shoe,
utilizing their conference call software as well as email and MSN
Messenger. The first class will be held on May 5, 2008. Cost is
$150, or $125 each if taken with a friend.
How to Market your Work and Increase Sales!
Got a book? Need to sell it? This class will tell you how.

Lesson 1: What is Expected of an Author
Lesson 2: Blogging
Lesson 3: Virtual Book Tours
Lesson 4: Podcasting
Lesson 5: Book Signings / Readings
Lesson 6: Public Speaking

This self-marketing class will be taught every Tuesday, via
Talk Shoe, utilizing their conference call software as well as
email and MSN Messenger. The first class will be held on
May 6, 2008. Cost is $150, or $125 each if taken with a friend.
Information regarding assignments will be sent upon registration.
Out of the
Shadows . . .
Into the Light
13 and 0:
Reflections of
Oregano Oil:
Answer to
Fungal and
Viral Infections
Answer to High
and Clogged
Candace E. Salima:

Candace E. Salima has emerged as one of the best-selling recent authors
in the LDS market! Taking one of her informative classes could not help
but improve your chances of excelling in this exciting industry.
Candace E. Salima was born right
smack dab in the middle of twelve
children. In a family comprised of
his, mine and ours, Candace can
barely remember a time when
reading wasn't an integral part of
her life. Her love of books, reading
and writing, was born of hearing her
mother read nightly from the James
Herriot series about a veterinarian's
mishaps in the British countryside.
She thrived in a family of readers,
writing original stories at the age of
eleven and has never looked back.
The daughter of a father who survived the invasion of Hitler's war machine in his homeland and a mother who
is an often controversial conservative columnist, Candace spent her childhood on the back of a horse or
trudging through the mountains and valleys of the American west. Born in California, she lived in Nebraska,
Montana, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico . . . all before she was twelve-years-old. As an adult she lived in
Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, and another short stint in California before making her home in Utah.

She met her sweetheart at Brigham Young University in 1983. Ten years later she appeared on the Phil
Donahue Show in defense of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which precipitated a reunion
with him. In 1995, Alvin and Candace were married in the Bountiful Temple and settled in Utah Valley. Unable
to have children, Alvin and Candace shower their love and attention on their nieces and nephews.

In the course of her life, Candace has been a reporter, a writer of health booklets, a screenwriter, and a
teacher. Her philosophy in life is simple . . . everything can be turned into a good story. Hence her nine day
rafting trip down the Colorado River, hiking the Colorado Rockies, or horseback riding in the northern
Wyoming Grand Teton mountains. A love of BYU football, basketball, swimming, movies, plays, concerts and
socializing with family and friends round out her life. All this, and she still prefers to be curled up on her couch
with a good book, a cup of hot chocolate and a blustery Winnie-the-Pooh day brewing outside.
Get that Book
out of your
Head!: $150
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Candace Salima
is currently the
author of two
books published
by Spring Creek
Book company
and has more in
the works. She
is also a
screenwriter and
a motivational

Her books